Reveal the hidden market moving pressure caused by automated buy and sell programs that balance market maker risk in any stock, ETF, or futures contract. Our proprietary value-risk model looks for the footprints left by specific market maker orders and buy/sell side algorithms delta hedging short options creates blasts of order flow as the picture shows razor sharp bounces out of nowhere.


If you know the market maker positions, you then know where the real bulls and bears are who are trading against them. Walls reveals the real bull and bear side of the market and tells you who is winning at market open from the very instant the day starts. Spot the difference between a retracement and a rally by knowing if you’re on the bull side or the bear side.


The first retail indicator of its kind. Will a gap up keep going or fade? Resilience will tell you what the stocks are saying. An index tracks the basket of stocks and those who trade index products may care to know if the underlying rate of change of market cap inflation is accelerating or decelerating which will imply additional delta hedging to come that hasn’t happened yet. A leading indicator of further pressure. This sophisticated model knows that tipping point of how much market cap flux is needed to tip the scales. These arbitrage moments are key for any index trader to understand.


Further diving into our model we have located the “smart money” (large institutional traders / funds) who hold massive positions for quarters at a time or longer and buy deep out of the money options to protect. These positions alone have the power to squeeze the entire market. And if these levels break the market is in a free-for-all frenzy due to rapid gamma hedging at the breakpoint when the market is illiquid. In other words sorting a real crash from a quick dip.